1. Make a list of my indovision tv channels’ number
2. Make an inspiration board
3. Re-read all Harry Potter books
4. Watch Lord of The Ring DVDs which already copied on my laptop (lame, I know)
5. Buy Bigbang Theories, watch all episodes
6. Buy Sex n The City, watch all episodes
7. Buy Friends, watch all episodes
8. Read all my un-read books
9. Finish my chinese exercise book
10. Prepare TOEFL
11. Create an integrated marketing blueprint and plan of Majito Milk
12. Read all magazines at SBM library
13. Shops
14. Plan a vacation
15. Do yoga
16. Clean my computer folders
17. Buy large size harddisk
18. Fill my Future Listography book
19. Paint!
20. Wander around bookstore