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I’m an astrology geek and proud of it. Things that have been happening right before my eyes are the evidences. One thing has been bothering me but today, literally, I found the answer : that every person we meet are destined to meet each other. Or maybe the world is just that small. Life, take me where You should because I’m all ready.

There’s no such thing as an accidental encounter, Sagittarius. People come into your life for a reason. Make it your mission to discover what these impresarios have to teach you, and what you have to offer them in return.

(tersentak iseng buka ramalan isinya begini)




Today I ponder on how much we think we gain, in the same time we are losing something.

These past months I’ve been doing a lot of things I never thought I could. I do more workloads and I meet more people. I keep telling myself to see further and dream higher. I keep pushing myself to do more.

But now I feel numb. I realised that I’m now taking everything for granted. The worst part is feel like I’m losing something big : myself.

When I was little, I saw several people growing up boring, serious while the others are happy, fun, cheerful. And I’m thinking to myself ‘gosh I’m definitely not going to be those boring and serious adults’. As much as I always wanted to grow up so that I can do things the way I like, I am now afraid if I’ve been growing into those kind of boring and serious adults because I will not achieve happiness.

I would really love to go back to who I was when I was a kid : carefree, rebellious, cheerful. I just don’t know how I would fit in on this grown up world 😦


Stop dwelling on your TA. True that.

Kenapa bikin tugas akhir itu susah? Karena banyak self-doubt dan self-arguing-nya. Stop it Nad, you gotta move on.

These things have been overwhelming, I might have spread myself to thin.

I miss not catching on deadlines.. I miss spending hours in bed watching movies.. I miss going to saraga every morning.. I miss going out dressed up nicely.. I miss those solitary walks around Bandung.. I miss planning on holiday.. I miss that moment at Wu Bar Bali, the sun, the sea, the sand, the heat, the people, the ceremony, the night skies……

I need mom, dad, and everyone at home.

Kalo gw mau bikin alasan untuk gak melaksanakan tugas gw, gw punya banyak kok. Seperti hari ini, dimana kepala gw sudah beberapa hari migraine, dicurigai efek dr benturan pas jatoh hari Minggu kemarin. Atau fakta bahwa gw baru dapet hari ini, yg mana semua perempuan tau betapa sakit pms hari pertama. Atau alasan chapter 1 TA gw belum selesai, atau alasan gw capek bolak-balik dari Jakarta dll dll dll.

The point is : I JUST DONT GET WHY people abandoned their tasks, their responsibilities and then make up stories like : oh tadi gw udah bikin kok filenya, tp kayaknya gak ke-save, gw bikin skrg ya. Atau oke nad gw bikin yaa nanti gw kirim, dan baru dikirim 1 minggu setelahnya. Are you guys not ashamed of yourself???? I just don’t get what’s happening inside their heads.

Masalahnya tuh ya..tanpa mereka kerjaannya gak bisa beres. Bisplan gabisa dimasukin tepat waktu, media partner bisa aja gatembus karena telat. But they just don’t read those possibilities. And how come they be so selfish. Dipikirnya yaudah bisa dikerjain sama gw aja, oh if only I have the privilege to have THAT extra time I would do that I swear.

I’m exhausted. Drained.

Oh and for those people who ripe benefits from somebody else’s work, stop putting it on your CV or brag about it.